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MEDICinAL MARIJUANA | Cannawide dispensary

Buy Medical Marijuana in Canada (Must be 19+ to become a member of Cannawide)

Cannawide Dispensary strives to provide a safe, efficient and discreet access to the highest grade medicinal cannabis and cannabis-related products, at amazing prices, to our qualified members. Read about what symptoms can be treated with medical marijuana.

  • High quality of products
  • Members receive unbeatable prices
  • Members can order on the spot

At Cannawide your health is our main concern, so we vow to all our patients that we only carry the highest and purest quality medicinal grade marijuana. Medicinal marijuana products we carry include:

  • Oil
  • Budder
  • Capsules
  • Shatter
  • Edibles (Not Available in Vancouver)
  • Dried Cannabis ... and more

Cannawide’s goal is to make sure our members get the best of the best medical cannabis, at unbeatable prices. Our bodies are delicate ecosystems and it is important to know what you are putting in it and be confident that it is held to the highest of standards. Cannawide Dispensary is committed to providing the best possible customer care, products, and ease of use when ordering.

The use of this website is strictly for Canadian residents over the age of 19 who possess valid medical documentation from a Health Care Practitioner of a diagnosis and related symptom/s for which cannabis has potential medical applications. No minors may purchase from Cannawide Dispensary under any circumstances.

Cannawide Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are currently located in Vancouver & Toronto.

CANNAWIDE patient testimonials

I'd have to say these guys sure know how to grab ur attention, music woman and smiles all around this booth! Crowd pleasing pink eyed animals lurking for weed happy 420 to all the amazing smokers who joined the Cannawide team.

Read More Tyrone Kirkwood | 2015
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